External Funding Opportunities

NSF Convergence Accelerator Phase I and II

Application Deadline: TBD

The FY 2021 solicitation published by the Convergence Accelerator (NSF 21-572) provides further details about the program structure and can be used as a resource until the FY 2022 solicitation is published in the coming months. On January 4, 2022, NSF released an additional set of 2022 Convergence Accelerator topics covering three new areas:

  • Enhancing Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities (Track H): This track seeks proposals focused on technologies designed to improve the lives of people with disabilities of all ages and to improve equity. Some projects may involve innovative assistance or rehabilitation technologies, advanced materials or manufacturing, enhancements to physical environments, and other relevant ideas.
  • Sustainable Materials for Global Challenges (Track I): This track intends to fund projects focused on innovative materials for critical applications, especially to improve the sustainability of polluting industries and products. In addition, this solicitation highlights the importance of “systems level” thinking including data and analysis of the supply chain, and workforce development.
  • Food & Nutrition Security (Track J): This track solicits proposals at the intersection of agricultural, food, and sociological systems to improve food and nutrition equity, strengthen the supply chain, and reduce waste. Use of data, modeling, and social-behavioral sciences are encouraged.

This will be the fourth NSF Convergence Accelerator solicitation, which supports projects that accelerate use-inspired convergence research in areas of national importance.


NIH R01 -Identification and Characterization of Bioactive Microbial Metabolites for Advancing Research on Microbe-Diet-Host Interactions (Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Letter of Intent Deadline:  May 10, 2022 & more
Application Deadline:  June 22, 2022 & more

Purpose: To invite applications to identify and characterize microbial metabolites that will establish causal associations between microbial metabolism and host health and disease. Data acquired through this initiative will be used to create a knowledgebase of microbial metabolites and associated functions that will be provided to the research community. Development of the database and knowledge portal for these awards will be supported under a separate initiative: RFA-DK-21-014, Identification and Characterization of Bioactive Microbial Metabolites for Advancing Research on Microbe-Diet-Host Interactions Knowledgebase Management Center (Clinical Trial Not Allowed).
Guidelines: Click here for the Funding Opportunity Link