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NIH Request for Information (RFI): Research Opportunities to End Hunger, Food and Nutrition Insecurity.
Responses are accepted through: November 1, 2021
This RFI invites input on the approaches NIH can take to address hunger, food insecurity and nutrition insecurity through innovative and multidisciplinary research. Food security has been defined as having the availability of sufficient food, compared to nutrition security, ensuring that food quality meets human nutrient needs. Several areas of investigation could potentially reveal strategies to advance nutrition science, improve coordination of federal food and nutrition policy, along with strategies and tactics to integrate nutrition with healthcare.
This RFI is intended to solicit input from a broad array of stakeholder communities beyond the biomedical research community and healthcare sector. These stakeholders include public health and social service officials at the federal, state, county and community levels, community organizations, food banks, the agricultural sector, retailers and supermarkets, restaurants, food manufacturers, worksites, educational settings, the insurance industry, media, advocacy groups, people with lived experience of hunger and the general public. Full RFI information.