How to Become an Affiliate

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After careful planning and consideration of input from faculty, administrators, and external partners, the Personalized Nutrition Initiative has identified its research theme areas and is now accepting applications from tenure-track faculty and professional researchers on the Urbana-Champaign campus to be affiliated with the Personalized Nutrition Initiative.

Research Theme Areas: Four research theme areas represent areas of faculty research expertise within personalized nutrition. Crosscutting across the Research Themes are various Physiological States or Systems and Data Acquisition and Analytics approaches, which are integral to all aspects of the research themes and personalized nutrition. During the application process faculty will be asked to identify which theme areas they would like to be affiliated with.

Affiliates: Affiliated with the Personalized Nutrition Initiative will hold a 0%-time, which will be listed in your Notice of Appointment. Appointments will be for 5-years and will be renewable upon review of contributions to the Personalized Nutrition Initiative in the previous 5-years. There is no tenure affiliated with the Personalized Nutrition Initiative nor will office or lab space be provided through the Initiative.

As an Affiliate you will have the opportunities to participate in the following activities, among others:

  1. Engage in interdisciplinary personalized nutrition-related research with affiliates and outside Personalized Nutrition Initiative-associated organizations;
  2. Apply for seed grant funding to initiate new transdisciplinary personalized nutrition areas of research;
  3. Participate in future Center, Program Project or Training grants;
  4. Serve on the Personalized Nutrition Initiative steering Committee; and
  5. Provide seminars and participate on panel discussions with internal and external audiences.

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Contact Sharon Donovan, PhD, RD (, Director of the Personalized Nutrition Initiative, and Professor and Melissa M. Noel Endowed Chair in Nutrition and Health